Why You Should Eat Lobsters


While everything should be consumed in moderation, seafood cuisines like lobsters is an ideal source of nutrients like minerals and vitamins. Lobsters and other seafood are with ease available especially if you live along the coasts and are sold at a reasonable price. For those with limited contact to coasts, don't be shy to a times to spend on the menu. Here are some of the benefits of lobsters and other seafood.


Despite lobsters having a significant amount of sodium that may impact negatively to the health of your heart, they contain other nutrients that add to you having a healthy heart. You should consider having lobsters in your menu as they reduce the risk of high blood pressure. For those at the risk of having arthritis, you should get lobsters and other seafood like crabs or pawns as they can prevent you from getting arthritis. Seafood contains vitamins and omega 3 and omega 6 which strengthen joints reducing the risk of arthritis. Not so many people know that you can prevent and reduce the risk of ovarian and colorectal cancers by high intake of plates of seafood. Research also show that you are more prone to develop cancer from too much consuming of red meat compared than when eating seafood, learn here!


The unique minerals and vitamins found in huge quantities in seafood cuisines including vitamin B12 are linked with maintaining nerve integrity and uphold the proper operation of the nervous systems. Choline, another water-soluble nutrient that is found in seafood increase the production of neurotransmitters. The good thing about this is, this increases the sharpness of your brain increasing efficiency of the brain, Omega 3 in lobsters reduces the risk of Alzheimer which is a nightmare especially to the aged population. Check out this website at http://edition.cnn.com/2015/11/04/health/california-crab-warning/index.html for more facts about seafood.

Furthermore, one of the benefits if undersea cuisines are the high protein content that is found within their delicious meat. Proteins should be an essential part of our diet because they are great energy boosters. The rich source of proteins also are fundamental building blocks of the body. By increasing the intake of proteins, the body is able to produce new cells, repair damaged tissues and generally ensure that your organs work effectively. Know about Geddys here!


Having strong bones and teeth is important as this prevents osteoporosis, eating seafood which is rich in bone-strengthening minerals therefore should be a part of our diet too. A study shows seafood like lobsters lower osteoporosis in women especially when you take more than 250 grams weekly.


Lobsters like other seafood cuisines contain DHA and EPA which can reduce the risk of macular degeneration especially among the old. Moreover, most people do not know that by consuming undersea delicacies you prevent yourself from hearing loss.


High intake of Omega 3 rich lobsters promotes optimism among the elderly promotes good temperaments.

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